World POS - The Best Point of Sales (POS) software system in Sri Lanka

World POS

World POS system is not only a way to take payments; it’s also a way to view valuable analytics about your establishment. This system has back-end functionality that allows you to view reports on sales, labor, and more. This allows you to make data-driven decisions about which marketing campaigns to invest in, which employees to promote, and which menu items to retire.

World POS gives you a POS dashboard for your reporting that you can customize and prioritize depending on the metrics most important to you. These analytics can be viewed real-time by anyone with the right permissions

Two World, Two Editions

World POS Reail

If you are a small business retail store selling in-store, World POS Retail software is all you need. This is Ideal for Super markets & Supermarket Networks, Retail & Whole Sale shops, Groceries, Pharmacy, Book Shops & Textile Shops.

  • Attractive user friendly full touch enable screen
  • Multiple Price Type / Multiple currencies
  • Function on Offline Mode (Optional)
  • Work on Multi Location (Optional)

Sales Module

Sales Quotation, Sales Order, Invoice, Add to Sales and Debtor Handling.

  • Multiple settlement mode
  • Allow discount line wise or total, percentage or given amount

Purchase Module

Purchase Request, Purchase Order, Convert To Purchase Invoice/GRN, Add to Purchase & Creditors.

Inventory Module

Item Master, Stock-In, Stock Out, Stock Transfer within locations, Stock Write-off, Stock Counting periodically. Stock valuation method’s available with Average, FIFO, LIFO.

  • Maintain re-order levels
  • Item Expire notifications

Other Optional Features

  • Customer Database with all contact details. SMS/email alerts for special celebrations
  • Customer complain/Queries/Suggestions capturing Dash board. – Specially Design for Super Markets & Apparel Shops

World POS Hotel+

World POS Hotel+ has revolutionized the restaurant industry, particularly in full-service and fast food restaurants. With touchscreen POS systems or touch screen cash registers, servers can send orders to kitchen display systems immediately, improving throughput and efficiency of orders.

  • Full Touch Screen POS (Resturant and Bar)
  • Billing with Multiple currencies
  • Billing directly to Hotel Room, Billing for Multi-Locations
  • Attractive, Simple/User friendly Screen Design
  • Customer feedback dashboard

Sales Module

Sales Quotations, Multiple selling price types, Sales Order/ Invoice, Invoice Setoff, Debtors Handling.

Inventory Module

Stock Maintain with different Locations, Stock valuation with Avg. method, Stock-In/Stock-Out, Stok Adjustment

Hotel/Room Reservation

  • Make Inquiry
  • Room Reservation
  • Room Booking
  • Room Transferring
  • Billing (Link with the POS automatically)
  • Invoice Setoff process

Kitchen Order Management

  • Kitchen Side Current order pending viewing Dashboard
  • Restaurant side Ready Order Dashboard
  • Food recipes handling/maintaining, pre-costing and Post-Costing
  • Room Transferring
  • Restaurant Sales Summary with profit and loss

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