emPower Attendance

EmPower Attendance is an Add-On module for EmPower Payroll & HR Software to integrate with Biometric devices to calculate attendance, overtime and absenteeism.

This module can save your administrative time by 90% when calculating time and attendance of employees. It is really helpful when your employees are working with different shifts and under different overtime rates. EmPower Attendance has the capability to read your biometric device fingerprint records and process them according to the shifts and rosters you have defined.

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Employee Group Management

Group management will allow you to create employee groups who works together in the same shifts. So you can easily manage their records with time & attendance.

Advance Shift Types

You can define your own shifts based on the actual working time of your employees. There you can define start time and end time with a grace period, half day time, overtime start times and end times up to 3 overtime type, lunch/break time and different other parameters.

Shift Roster Management

Shift roster is the calendar of the shifts and employee groups. There you can arrange the employee groups assigned to shifts based on the requirement. You can add the shift roster in a repeated way with different repeat patterns.

EmPower ActiveSync

This is an add-on tool which will read biometric details and update the time and attendance records to the EmPower Payroll system. It can be installed in another computer which can reach all your biometric devices through the network.

Manage Fingerprint records

You are allowed to manage finger print records manually even after downloading them from the device. Therefore, this feature is helpful when employees is unable to mark their fingerprint and still they have reported to work. (E.g.: Due to electricity problems when fingerprint machine is not working and etc.)

Attendance Processing

Attendance processing will calculate the working time, overtime hours, absenteeism and attendance for all employees who have assigned to shifts

Resolving Attendance

Resolve attendance is a unique function comes with EmPower Payroll. It helps you to identify problems in attendance in a selected day such as No In/Out time, No fingerprint records, Present/Absent and etc. You can resolve them at the same palace quickly.

Attendance Allowances

This function will automatically calculates attendance allowance based on the settings and the employee attendance during the current period.

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