SafeTrax - Best Asset Management, Maintenance Management and Facility Management Web Based software in Sri Lanka


SafeTrax™ - Web based facility management software is designed to completely automate your asset management, facility management and maintenance management process with one centralized system. This software has been developed using the latest technologies to ensure that the customers will benefit the maximum outcome from software features. You can run this software using any device using your favorite web browser.

Safetrax has the ability to track all your assets with scheduled and manual work orders. Also it helps to find the most correct figures for your assets. Maintenance costs for various departments, locations or assets can be easily calculated with the work order history. Also you will have an opportunity to track your future cost for the maintenance using the historical data.

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Create and Evaluate Work Orders

We believe that as a minimum, your system should allow your staff/personnel to notify you of the need for service. The Work Request should provide enough information to the recipient to make an assessment of the issue before they physically explore it further.

Prioritize the Work Orders

As part the Work Request process, the requester should be able to establish a “priority” of the Work Request at least in their minds. This will give the recipient a heads-up as to how the sender perceives this issue.

Track Work Orders

SafeTrax allow you to track each work order that is generated through its entire life cycle and maintain a history log for future reference.

Historical Data

This is very important what is the historical data associated with your equipment? When was the last time it was serviced and what was the issues then? If the system does not track this, then you will have to do it manually which seems redundant.

Track Vendors

SafeTrax will provide for the tracking of the subcontractors, suppliers and vendors associated with the care of your facilities. Who are they? What service categories do they work in? How do I reach them? Who is my primary contact? Are they a volunteer group? In addition, the ability to have an automated process for sending work orders can save you valuable time and money…not to mention a reduction in misunderstandings.

E-mail Notification Process

SafeTrax has automated email notification process. These include notification for when a Service Request is issued, when an ETA is established by the Vendor, when the work is complete and if the work is going to exceed the agreed to projected cost. As it is said time is money and SafeTrax is meant to save time.

Asset tracking and assigning of work orders

it is ideal to be able to track all of the equipment in your facility. It is best if you catalog all of your equipment and then be able to tie a work order to a specific piece of equipment. You may monitor various kind of data by tracking your assets and work orders.

Consumable Inventory Tracking

How many light bulbs do you have in stock and when do you need to order more? Do you know how much toilet tissue you need to keep in stock and what work orders they have been applied too? You need to know these things if you are going to be proactive and an effective manager.

Scheduled and Preventive Maintenance Tracking

SafeTrax has the best work order scheduling and automating for preventive maintenance tracking, as this is one of the most critical features for any organization that is intentional about the life cycle of their facilities.

Web Based

SafeTrax is a complete web based computerized maintenance management system. Between mobile devices, tables and laptops, seeing an exponential increase in the need for access to systems when out of the office where a desktop may be plugged in. Therefore, SafeTrax is the right solution for your facility management solution since it can run in any device just using the network connection.

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